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1,700 Blood Alcohol Test Redone After Mistakes Revealed in DUI cases

The Colorado Department of Health is currently reviewing more than 1,700 blood alcohol test samples after it came to light that an employee may have made mistakes in many drunk driving cases. The fact is that although these tests are scientific, human error can be introduced-and even if not, they may not be 100 percent accurate.

According to the state’s health department, an independent test revealed that a certain lab employee misreported the results of several blood alcohol level tests. The findings have called into question the reliability of many of the blood alcohol tests that the state has received from the health department. Scientists and lab technicians are putting in night and weekend hours in order to retest the samples in question, according to CBS News.

Ten of the first 250 samples have so far proven to have been reported incorrectly. While the health department is not aware whether the employee, who has since been fired, was making the mistakes on accident or on purpose, the investigation demonstrates the importance of questioning such DUI evidence.


McDonnell signs tougher DUI legislation By Laura Vozzella

McDonnell signs tougher DUI legislation

All convicted drunk drivers will have to pass a breath test to get their cars to start under legislation that Virginia Gov. Robert F. McDonnell signed into law Thursday.
Sophomore student Patricia Bradford knocks over several cones in High Point, N.C., as she drives a car modified to simulate drunk driving. (Sonny Hedgecock – Associated Press) Virginia already requires ignition interlock devices upon the second or subsequent DUI offenses, or when the offender’s blood-alcohol level exceeds 0.15 percent.

Under the new law, which cleared the General Assembly without much controversy, breathalyzers will be installed on cars used by those convicted of driving under the influence — from the first offense on.

The legislation, supported by the Virginia-based Washington Regional Alcohol Program, was sponsored by Sen. A. Donald McEachin (D-Henrico) and Del. Salvatore R. Iaquinto (R-Virginia Beach).

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Tamper with the Breathalizer in your Car?

Think once your car is started that you are good to go?  Think again! The BAIID has a “running retest” at random intervals, requiring the driver to blow into it again while driving.  If the driver fails the running retest (meaning it is about .05) the vehicle will won’t stop dead in the middle of traffic, but it’s horn will begin to honk, alerting any passing officer to a possible violation of the law.  Likewise the BAIID will cause your car to honk if it detects any tampering or circumvention attempts.

Breathalizer in your Car

About the size of a cellphone, it requires the driver to blow into it before attempting to start the vehicle.  The BAIID (breathalizer) analyzes the amount of alcohol in the driver’s system and will not permit the vehicle to start if the amount exceeds a preset level – .025 in Illinois.  It also records activity, including when the driver has blown into it and what the BAC analysis showed.”

-Illinois Bar Journal

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